‘Identity and Growth of Cooperatives’

The economic and financial crisis creates new economic and legal conditions for both existing and newly founded cooperatives. In particular, the social dimension has again gained importance in economic life and therefore so too have cooperative management and cooperative values. The intention of the conference is to bring together practical experiences and academic reports.

The Blueprint Vision 2020 of the ICA (International Co-operative Alliance) wants to build on the achievements and resilience of the cooperative legal form. The challenges which cooperatives face are nevertheless many. The erosion of solidarity, individualisation, environmental problems, deindustrialisation, digitalisation, technologisation of distribution channels, new client segments, unstable financial sectors, loss of trust in political and economic organisations as well as economic challenges in particular globalisation with simultaneous (re-)regionalisation, stronger competition and pressure on efficiency and pricing are just some of the main points. The cooperative company structure is required to address these challenges and the ICCS 2016 should contribute to presenting new concepts and perspectives for cooperative growth and success.

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