Three organisers

The organisers of the conference are the Working Group of Institutes for Co-operative Studies (AGI), the AGI-member Competence Center for Cooperative Enterprises at the Institute of Business Law IFU | BLI of the University of Lucerne and the IG Cooperatives Organisation (IGG)

Working Group of Institutes for Co-operative Studies (AGI)

The Working Group of Institutes for Co-operative Studies (AGI) sees itself as a communications platform for academic institutions engaged in co-operative studies.

The AGI’s goal is to foster the exchange and development of knowledge in the field of co-operative systems both nationally and internationally. The AGI specifically focuses on the advancement of young scientists and supports contact between co-operative research and co-operative practice.


IFU/BLI Institute of Business Law at University of Lucerne, Switzerland

The IFU I BLI Institute for Business Law is an Institute at the Law School of the University of Lucerne, Switzerland.. Although its roots reach back as far as 1600, the University of Lucerne is a young and innovative one. Founded 1579 as a Jesuit Collegium, the Collegium merged 1938 into a School of Theology, the rights to grant academic degrees were given 1970 by Government. 2001 the School of Law was founded and 2011 the new and modern central building was inaugurated 2011. The three faculties (theology, law, humanities and social sciences) allow the university to focus on three areas of excellence, thereby grouping together its competence in humanities and law. 2017 a new fourth faculty of Business Administration will start with an innovative curricula. The IFU I BLI Institute has several competence centers, the oldest and renowned is the Competence Center for Cooperative Studies. IFU I BLI does interdisciplinary research, education and knowledge transfer projects. See more:


IG Cooperatives Organisation

The association focuses on the interdisciplinary, scientific promotion of the cooperative system, taking into account all stakeholders. In particular, research and teaching are supported at the Institute of Business Law in the University of Lucerne.

Companies with legal cooperative status should be provided with a modern tool for corporate management in conjunction with the legislature. It is also necessary to promote the supply and process innovation of existing structured cooperative societies and to accelerate their development.

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